Course structure explained

Our e-learning courses are typically build from multiple building blocks called lessons.

These lessons are build with smaller building blocks called topics.

Quizzes may be used at course, lesson and/or topic level.

Assessments explained

In order to determine the appropriate online training (level), we have created so-called “prior knowledge assessments”.

During the course, quizzes will be regularly used to verify the absorption of lessons and/or topics.

Once an e-learning course have been completed, we conduct a “final assessment” and may optionally certify “succesfull completion” of the course.

Wat is a reference course ?

A reference course is a collection of knowledge & information bundled neatly together and wel organised, which people can refer to relevant sections of whenever they wish/need.

Often the info in a reference course might already be out there for free on the internet, but in a disorganized and low quality way.

By pulling it all together in one place and teaching it in a clear way, we hope to create real value and help to solve people’s problems.