Wat is a reference course ?

A reference course is a collection of knowledge & information bundled neatly together and wel organised, which people can refer to relevant sections of whenever they wish/need.

Often the info in a reference course might already be out there for free on the internet, but in a disorganized and low quality way.

By pulling it all together in one place and teaching it in a clear way, we hope to create real value and help to solve people’s problems.

Managing competencies

According to wiki “Competencies are particular qualities that are desirable for employees to possess.”

In the article below we will discuss why competencies are important within the finishing industry and how you may manage them.


Industrial finishing processes are relative complex with many variables & influences, which may all affect the ultimate coating result.

First class capital equipment, in-depth process & equipment knowledge and various practical skills are therefore required to operate an industrial coating plant successfully.

The necessary competencies are typically acquired over a long period thru a combination of education, practical training & hands-on experience.


Unfortunately only a small part of this know-how is truly embedded with an organization.

A lot of expertise is simply in the heads of individual employees and not in the manuals, which by the way are often not easily accessible at the work floor.

In consequence most companies loose valuable process and/or equipment know-how in the event key personnel leave voluntarily or because of other reasons.


It is definitely not easy to acquire, maintain & manage know-how and improve & record competencies of all your personnel in this fast changing world.

A structured method for capturing, developing, deploying & documenting core competencies is therefore essential for every professional organization.

There are nowadays many knowledge management tools available, but such IT systems are typically focuses on capturing information and are relative weak in dissemination.


An interesting alternative solution is the use of a so-called Learning Management System, as shown at https://dtc-education.com

This state of the art online platform is designed to assess competencies, identify eventual knowledge gaps, share (in-house) knowledge by means of highly effective e-learning courses, measure employee’s training progress and last-but-not-least document acquired skills.

DTC’s education & certification platform is feature-rich and prepared to host also (private) e-learning courses for third parties, which lack the scale, internal capacity and/or knowledge to set-up such LMS.

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